Monthly Archives: January 2016

New Year, New Me


So, technically, we are about halfway through the first month of the year, and it’s been a roller coaster already.

I have witnessed two miracles, no kidding!

Thank you, St. Jude, and for the privacy of those involved, I will not write about them here. But, things were dire and it was a miracle they both are still here. Which brings me to the topic today of faith.

Faith is something we never seem to rely on. We only call upon it when things are at their worst, then we begin to think of consequences of the worst case scenario. We don’t believe in ourselves, either. We second guess what we can do, what we can’t do, and concentrate on being “less than” we truly are. Why?

We can encourage and support friends and family all the live long day, but when we try to promote or embrace our greatness, we start by apologizing and not living up to our true selves.


I will, if you will.

No matter what happens, this year or twenty years from now, I’m done beating myself up or presenting myself as less than I truly am.

You can call me conceited, you can call me arrogant, you can say anything you want. The truth is, I’m awesome. I will be awesome towards you if you are awesome towards me. It’s that simple. And, that hard.

That is my New Year, New Me pledge for 2016. 🙂