Monthly Archives: April 2014

Writing Group

Tonight was the monthly meeting of the writing critique group, and I get so energized when I get home, I can’t sleep. I had a few critiques, constructive criticism on my Red Riding Hood book, but listening to other authors and the fact they have some of the same issues I do, well, I can identify with them and it makes me feel like I’m on the right track. I’m not alone. Which is why if you are thinking of becoming a writer, or publishing your work, as scary as it is, you need to let someone else read it.

I know I was terrified! I was not sure of myself at all and thought my story was ok, but not great. I got great feedback and now have visions of screenplays dancing in my head. It went from one book to a series, and now I’ve been brave (or crazy) to think I can write a romance series. How about that!

It’s also great to read other writer’s work and give them positive and constructive feedback, especially if it will help the other writer improve their work. The appreciation in person also makes it immediate and makes me feel good.

It just makes me one step closer to publication. Nothing you write will ever be perfect. That’s why you need to edit, and read it out loud, so you know what works and what doesn’t work. Then rewrite it again. 

One word at a time. One story at a time. One book at a time.

It’s a process, and I love every bit of it!