Interview with Author Jamieson Wolf

I am so happy to share with you an interview with my good friend and fellow author, Jamieson Wolf. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for me. His latest work is a book of poetry entitled “Talking to the Sky” and you can find it on his website Thank you so much Jamieson!

1.      How long have you been writing?


Well, I asked my mother and she says all my life. I wrote a short story for Remembrance Day when I was  seven years old and it placed third and then second place in two competitions. I got to go to two award ceremonies and everything. My life, thankfully, has never been the same since.


2.      I see you read voraciously, sometimes re-reading books more than once, does this help you in the writing process?


I re-read books because it’s like visiting with characters I love again. Some books I re-read because I just love them so much or they speak to me in some way. I think anything you read helps with the writing process. Stephen King said in On Writing: “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.” I couldn’t agree more.


3.      Do you outline or do you just write and see where the story takes you?


I’ve tried to do outlines lots of times but I tend to be more of an automatic writer. I just sit down at the computer and write what comes to me. That’s the only way I know how to do it. I get bogged down by plots constricting the characters. They usually know what they want to do anyways!


4.      Your latest is a book of poetry entitled “Talking to the Sky”. Have you always written poems?


I’ve always dabbled in poetry  but never like this. I wanted the poems to have more than just my voice so I started turning conversations I’d had into poems. The poems ended up being a journey through out a year when I was getting better and becoming myself again.


5.      Who inspires you as a writer?


That’s a hard one. Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, J. K. Rowling. However if I had to pick just one person it would be Carol Shields. When I was in high school, my mother took me to see Carol Shields speak about the power of narrative. People had the opportunity to ask questions at the end but I was too shy. This was a talk given to Masters and PHD students and their questions went over my head.


After her talk, I went up to speak to her. I asked Ms. Shields if it was easier to write a narrative for poetry or short stories. She told me that both had their advantages with regard to narrative. I told her that I wanted to be a writer. She told me that I already was; I had asked a more intelligent question than all the others and to let my stories out.


I haven’t stopped following her advice since.



6.      What else have you published?


Oh gosh, where do I begin? I’ve written over 65 different books in various genres and I’m always writing something. You can check out all of my work at


7.      If you could have lunch with one of your heroes, who would that be and what would you eat?


Well, my main hero is my mum because she’s taught me a lot about being a better person and always striving for what I want and never giving up. We have dinner all the time! However, one of my other hero’s that I admire greatly is Stephen King as he never gave up and always kept writing, despite the hardships he faced. What would we eat? Honestly anything he wanted!


8.      What is next for you?


I’m teaching a workshop on how to publish your own book in April, so I am working on finishing that. I’m also working on another novel titled Boy/Friends which is going really well. Stay tuned for details!


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